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At, we believe that our customers deserve to know where their shoes come from at every step of the manufacturing process. We are committed to being transparent about the origins of our materials and the methods we use to produce our products.


Our leather is sourced from Everest SRL, a tannery founded in 1990, near the city of Pisa, in northern Italy. Being part of the Niti Ivo Group, they have been dedicated to perfecting the art of Luxury Leather Production for many generations, whilst conforming to the Gold Standard LWG Audit for environmental stewardship.


Finding partners who shared both our vision and care for their work and staff were fundamental to our success. We found these qualities with Duedì SRL. A company specialised in the production of high quality classic men's shoes.
Founded by the D'Amelio and Di Franco families in 1929 in a simple shop. Today now in its 4th generation, their creations bear witness to a refined, comfortable, beautifully designed product, an expression of the pleasure of wearing luxury shoes. 


Every pair of's products is made to order. We are built on a simple philosophy, we produce the highest quality shoes when they are desired. In the world of fast fashion, built on trends and exorbitant waste, we believe our customers care deeply about their own style and its impact on the world. 


Upon reception of your order, our partners set to work on choosing the finest pieces of leather, methods, and experience to deliver the Italian Shoe of your dreams. Upon completion, your newly crafted pair will be shipped through our trusted partners at UPS and DHL, directly to your door for your appreciation and comfort. 
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