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About Us was built with a simple understanding, its essence, the indispensable quality of a product determines its character. We were founded on a commitment to produce the finest shoes possible, and in doing so we found a purpose far beyond the shoes themselves. Classic, elegant and timeless, these words would shape our quality, but our value would come from our character, philanthropic, driven and goal-setting. We would stand for an ideal, both in fashion and in mind. 
In every aspect, people are the centre of our mission, we strive to deliver footwear which does much more than look and feel amazing, but improves its wearer in mind and soul. 
Pouring months into research and development we found ourselves faced and dismayed with the industry we occupy, from the sourcing of materials to the treatment of people especially on the Asian continent, we were driven to show a better path forward. We committed ourselves to people, to improving lives and not falsehoods. They say that giving people work allows for unfair treatment, they say poor pay is better than no pay at all, they say we are helping emerging markets but we are not. We have grown to appreciate how fashion both forms the mind as well as people attitudes toward each other. However we became painfully aware that while allowing for cheaper and faster items coming into stores, we as society rarely appreciate its very dark underbelly, human rights are not taken into consideration over profits.
For the foundation of any successful business, we found four things must be clear, ethos, community, superior product and family. From its conception, these four pillars brought us together, aspiring to bring the beauty of handmade footwear to every mans feet. In doing so allowing everyone to walk into a brighter future. Our journey would take us through Europe, from Portugal to Italy, searching high and low for many months for producers who shared their commitment to the highest quality and care for its workers, finally finding it in the beautiful foothills of Napoli, in southern Italy.
Committed to transparency at every turn, we will endeavour to show every aspect of our company, we believe that everyone has the right and need to understand where and how their products came to be. Sustainable fashion cannot exist without transparency. Transparency is a key precondition for action to eliminate human rights violations, treat workers and communities with respect, and eliminate or reduce pollution and unsustainable resource use. We are suspicious of any brand that is not prepared to fully account for where and how it makes its products. We committed to high standards and effective assurance systems to know our suppliers are actually delivering on their commitments. 
Fashion is perception, perception is knowledge, knowledge is power. You have the power to change the status quo, to reshape our understanding of value, that someones life is not just a number, but an opportunity to better the world and themselves. We must find our appreciation for beauty and principle, to purchase with vision and not impulse, to understand our responsibility to our natural and financial powers. Yes, it does mean we rethink our behaviours, but in awareness of our personal impact we learn to love life more than ever. By thinking of what we wear as long term investments in class rather than short term goods, we will rectify the wasteful consumption patterns that inevitably lead us towards drastic issues, as we have seen volume-based business models simply cannot become sustainable.
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