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Oxfords vs. Derbies: The subtle difference in elegance and casualness

Oxfords vs. Derbies: The subtle difference in elegance and casualness

In the world of men's footwear, oxfords and derbies play a prominent role, but many wonder: what is actually the difference between these two timeless classics? In this blog post, we'll reveal the subtle but significant differences between oxfords and derbies, and give you valuable tips on how to choose the right shoe for your individual style and occasion.

Oxfords - Timeless elegance and formal sophistication.

The essence of oxfords lies in their closed lacing, which runs smoothly and flat across the forefoot, creating a seamless look. This formal construction gives oxfords a timeless elegance and a touch of aristocratic grace. It's no wonder they're considered the shoes of choice for royal events and high-profile business meetings.

Derbies - Casual sophistication and stylish versatility

On the other hand, we have the signature derbies, whose open lacing exudes a certain casualness. The loose-fitting lacing gives the shoe a relaxed fit and a likeable understatement. Synonymous with nonchalance and a sense of style, derbies are the preferred choice for the modern gentleman who appreciates a smart casual outfit.

Choosing between Oxfords and Derbies - Context and Occasion

The deciding factor when choosing between oxfords and derbies lies in the context and intended statement of the look. Oxfords add a formal touch to any ensemble and are ideal for occasions where formal elegance is required. By contrast, derbies are the ultimate choice for those who want to masterfully combine casualness and sophistication.

Excellent craftsmanship at

Regardless of the choice, both shoe styles are products of outstanding craftsmanship. At, we stand for excellent quality and timeless design. Whether you're gearing up for a dapper appearance at the office or a casual outing on the weekend, we offer a hand-picked selection of oxfords and derbies to suit your personal style.

No matter which model you choose - oxfords or derbies - one thing is for sure: both shoe styles are timeless companions that add a dash of sophistication to any look. Discover the fascinating world of Oxfords and Derbies at and find the perfect shoe that underlines your personal elegance and casualness.


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