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When setting out to create the best shoe possible, we found that mistreatment of workers and the waste produced was unaccapetable. We founded our company on the principal of social care, everything we do should benefit your feet along with society as a whole.

How does the process work?

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Our made-to-order system minimizes impulse buying. It encourages thoughtful consumption and helps create fewer but better made things.

Our supply is perfectly aligned to your demand. There’s never unsold inventory and resources are used only as they’re needed.

Every product we put out into the world has an owner already. Each product we craft is the fulfillment of an actual order.

Where are our shoes produced?

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In the heart of Italy, in the city of Naples, steeped in the long and globally known history of high quality leather shoe production. We insisted on finding partners who shared our philosophy of the highest quality sourcing of materials and production, both of which we found in the Italian heartland.

How is delivery achieved to each country?

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All our deliveries within the EU and USA will be achieved through our trusted partners at UPS and DHL.


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