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The history of the sneaker: from athletic footwear to cult fashion

The history of the sneaker: from athletic footwear to cult fashion

In conjucntion with the upcoming launch of our sneaker Lorenzo, today we have a short blog post on the history of the sneaker.
From their humble beginnings as athletic shoes to their current role as cult fashion, sneakers have undergone a remarkable evolution. In this blog post, we take a look at the milestones and trends that have made the sneaker the iconic footwear we know and love today.


The beginnings of the sneaker

The history of the sneaker dates back to the 19th century, when rubber soles were developed to improve the comfort and traction of athletic shoes. The term "sneaker" came about because these new shoes could glide silently on the ground, unlike the loud clatter of traditional leather shoes. The first sneakers were developed primarily for tennis and quickly caught on with athletes around the world.


Sneakers in the 20th century

In the 20th century, sneakers began to expand their popularity beyond sports. In the 1920s, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star entered the scene and became the pioneer of basketball shoes. In 1968, Puma revolutionized the sneaker world with the "Puma Suede" by presenting the first shoe with suede uppers. In the 1970s, the Adidas Superstar with its distinctive shell-toe design became a symbol of hip-hop culture.


Sneakers become a fashion and lifestyle statement

The 1980s and 1990s were crucial for the rise of sneakers as a fashion and lifestyle statement. Brands like Nike, Reebok and Air Jordan defined the market, designing sneakers that were coveted not only on the playing field, but also on the streets of metropolitan areas around the world. Sneakers became an expression of style, individuality and creativity.


Sneakers in the 21st century

In the 21st century, the sneaker has maintained its firm place in the fashion world. Collaborations between sneaker brands and well-known designers or celebrities have led to coveted limited editions that regularly cause a sensation. Sneakers are no longer just a piece of footwear, but have become a collector's item and status symbol. Online platforms and sneaker exchanges have further fueled the demand and hype for exclusive sneakers.



The history of the sneaker is a fascinating journey from their origins as athletic shoes to their current position as a cult object. From the tennis court to the basketball court to the fashion industry, sneakers have had a remarkable impact on pop culture and individual style. Whether you're a sneaker lover, a collector, or just looking for comfortable footwear, you'll definitely find your new pair of favorite premium sneakers with us soon.

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